After effects of flooding for pool owners. What you can do.

Floods are part and parcel of living in QLD and, in the last few years, are something that seems to be happening more and more often.  Living somewhere that has seen increasing floods and wild weather doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy your backyards and pools. What it does mean however is that pool owners in flood prone areas do need to be prepared to prevent and face the struggles floods and heavy downpours can cause their pools.

Back in March, ABC News released an article on just one of the struggles faced by pool owners after the last heavy downpours. According to the ABC, pool owners are struggling with the supply of salt needed to treat their green pools after the flooding. The floods affected the chain supply of salt and the large sudden need for supply has made it difficult to locate. Read the full article here

The salt scramble was just one of the struggles and difficulties faced by pool owners due to sudden flooding. There are many more struggles increasingly faced by pool owners in our area, many of which can’t be avoided but the effects can be lessened with some easy preventative measures.

Here are some things you can do to help minimise the damage caused by floods in the preparation for heavy rains.

  • Clean any drainages, gutters, passages and waterways. This will help to drain water away from your property and, hopefully, away from your pool. Making sure these are clear and clean will also ensure that the overflow that does make it into your pool is as debris and dirt free as possible.
  • Drain your pool a few inches. This will help accommodate any rainfall and account for any run-off, helping to prevent your yard become flooded.
  • Bring in as much of the pool furniture as you can inside to avoid it falling into the pool. Along with keeping you pool furniture in good condition this can also prevent chemicals seeping from pool furniture (such as rust) and can help prevent damage to pool parts.
  • If possible, raise any pool equipment like filters and pumps off the ground. These are designed to handle water but extensive water and flooding can cause damage. You will need to anchor these to something that is very secure and won’t be moved by the flood waters.
  • Disconnect all power connections, for obvious reasons.
  • Sandbag around your pool to help protect from runoff and overflow. Not only will this prevent your yard from flooding with pool water, but can also help protect your pool water from dirty, debris filled flood water.

Get in touch if you need a hand preparing your pool for flood, getting your pool back into action after flooding, or if you have any questions about the effects of flooding on your pool.