TX30 Robotic Cleaner


The effortless and lightweight handling of the TX30 Tornax coupled with its agile operation delivers an extremely thorough clean of both floor and walls. It’s energy efficient and comes equipped with a top-access filter canister to make maintenance a breeze.

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Cleans floor and walls

The TX30 covers both floor and walls hassle-free during its 2.5-hour cleaning cycle. The front scrubbing brush spins quickly to remove debris that is stuck to floor and walls.

Effortless handling

It’s easy to remove the cleaner from the water thanks to its large handle. The TX30 is lightweight with the body only weighing 5.5kg

Easy-access filter canister

Easy top-access filter canister with large handle means no contact with debris. Possesses a transparent window to view debris collected to help keep an eye on when the canister needs emptying.

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