Astral VX Salt Chlorinator

Manual dosing of liquid or granular chlorine can be hazardous. Over dosing can cause eye irritation, itchy skin and a strong chlorine order. The AstralPool VX salt chlorinator continuously generates the precise level of chlorine required into your pool. With the convenience of a touch pad the level of output can be adjusted and operating hours can be preset. With the self cleaning ability the VX Salt Chlorinator is perfect for any pool and spa combination

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  • Easy to use control system
  • Available with or without time clock
  • Self cleaning
  • Precise level of chlorine is added as required.
Model Time Clock Chlorine Out-put
Per Hour
Pool Volume (Litres)
(temperate climate*)
Pool Volume (Litres)
(tropical climate**)
VX 7S No 25 gms 96,000 50,000
VX 7T Yes 25 gms 96,000 50,000
VX 9S No 30 gms 120,000 75,000
VX 9T Yes 30 gms 120,000 75,000
VX 11S No 42 gms 160,000 100,000
VX 11T Yes 42 gms 160,000 100,000
VX 13T Yes 50 gms 2000,000 120,000
VX 13S No 50 gms 2000,000 120,000
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