Zodiac V3 Robotic Pool Cleaner

Packed with the latest innovations such as Vacuum Vortex technology and ActivMotion Sensor™, the Zodiac V3 cleans your pool smarter and faster than you have ever dreamed possible.


Zodiac V3 Robotic Pool Cleaner

The Zodiac V3 features:

ActivMotion Sensor™

  • The cleaner automatically senses its position and adapts its cleaning path with an intelligent steering correction mechanism for a faster and more acurate navigation.

Patented PosiTrax Tyres

  • Designed for Australian pools, the patented PosiTrax tyres provide extra grip and manoeuvrability to climb walls.

Patented Vortex Vacuum Technology

  • Captures large debris, such as gumnuts, twigs and eucalyptus leaves, while ensuring constant suction power throughout the cleaning cycle.

Super Large and User-Friendly Filter Canister

  • Easy to access and hygienic, it allows you to clean and remove debris in a matter of minutes with minimum fuss.

Plug & Play

  • Simply plug the power cord to a regular 240V wall socket and press the button ‘Play’ on the control box; The Zodiac V3 starts cleaning whilst you can sit back and relax.

Transport Storage Caddy

  • Moving the cleaner about is a breeze with the user-friendly caddy!

Energy Efficient

  • 150 Watts/hour energy consumption (less than a LCD TV).

Certified to Australian Safety Standards


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