VIRON P520 XT Variable Speed Pumps

The flagship AstralPool pump incorporates an inbuilt time clock and 4 timer periods for each day. A different speed can be saved to each timer period allowing the ultimate in flexibility. Special applications such as in floor cleaning or programming water features are enabled using the time clock and speed selection for different times of day.

The Viron P520 XT is capable of the most demanding applications with high flow and high pressure all the while delivering the utmost in energy efficiency.

In addition the P520 XT incorporates electronic power factor correction which provides even further reductions in power consumption, even on maximum speed.


VIRON P520 XT Variable Speed Pumps

Features and Benefits:

  • Lowest annual energy cost – 367 KW/h per annum
  • Full variable speed memory
  • LCD speed display
  • Tailor speed to suit any application
  • Tailor to pool and cleaner
  • Fast Prime program
  • Selectable priming time from 2 to 120 min
  • 4 programmable speeds per day
  • In built timers with speed selection
  • Suitable for in floor cleaning systems
  • Suitable for large sand filters
  • Overdrive High Pressure Program
  • Power factor correction
  • Easily serviceable motor
  • Fully serviceable electronics



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