Typhoon Max Commercial Pool Cleaner

The Typhoon Max

The Typhoon Max commercial pool cleaner offers features and performance like no other cleaner on the market. Its modern styling and advanced 21st Century technology gives the Typhoon the ability to clean any Olympic or commercial size swimming pool.



Product Description

With the patented AquaSmart  System the Typhoon has a unique electronic program linked to a sophisticated directional control mechanism. This combination of on-board computer and electro-mechanical design enables the Typhoon Max to literally map any pool configuration to thoroughly and effectively clean your aquatic facility in a measured, systematic manner that eliminates wasteful were and tear overlapping cleaner motions. With significant benefits like reduced pool maintenance to save labour costs and  improved visual clarity of the water through its 2 micron inbuilt filter bag. The Typhoon Max is an investment that pays for itself.


Features & benefits of the Typhoon Max commercial pool cleaner includes:

  • Suitable for Olympic or commercial size swimming pools
  • Wireless remote control unit
  • Different speed settings
  • Runs automatically for 3-5 hr
  • Reduced workload on pool filter


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