Kreepy Krauly Conquest

Kreepy Krauly Conquest

Kreepy Krauly ‘Conquest’ is a proven performer in many types of pools. With it’s random pattern coverage that cleans the entire pool perfectly there will be no missed spots.


Conquest is the budget alternative to the Marathon. Although it may save you some money, Conquest doesn’t compromise on renowned Kreepy Krauly cleaning efficiency or quality, and should give you many years of reliable, trouble-free service. Conquest features ‘wings’ instead of the Marathon ‘scoop’ to efficiently sweep up submerged leaves and debris. Much like Kreepy Krauly Marathon, Conquest suits a wide range of concrete, fibreglass and vinyl liner pools. It’s particularly effective in larger pools. Conquest is manufactured with the same high quality UV, salt, chemical and heat resistant materials as Kreepy Krauly’s premium cleaners. You can add AutoSkim automatic surface skimming as an optional extra to your Kreepy Krauly Conquest to create a complete automatic pool cleaning system.


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