CA Media Filter

CA Media Filter

  • CA280 Premium Media Filter (25”) c/w 40mm Multiport Valve
  • CA340 Premium Media Filter (27”) c/w 50mm Multiport Valve
  • CA400 Premium Media Filter (30”) c/w 40mm Multiport Valve

Product Description

AstralPools CA Media Filter is 100% designed and made in Australia from the most advanced injection moulding and assembly process of any filter. Engineered and designed for high strength, long life, optimal flow rates and easy installation and service the CA Media filter range provides the best value for money filter range which is designed for tough Australian conditions.

  • Features & Benefits(active tab)
  • Premium 10 lateral under drain designed for low pressure loss which requires less power consumption for optimal flow rates
  • Unique under drain ensures effective backwashing in less time saving water
  • Fully injection moulded for high strength and longest life
  • Suitable for Sand, Viron Glass and other filter media
  • Unique lock ring secures valve in just seconds and enables fastest and lowest cost maintenance and installation


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