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Phosphates And Your Pool

High Phosphates? It’s been a pretty stormy start to the year! With all the rain, run off and dirt that has no doubt ended up… Read more »

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“Pool Party Showdown: Mineral vs. Chlorine – The Battle for Aquatic Bliss!”

When it comes to creating a refreshing oasis in your backyard, the choice between a mineral pool and a chlorine pool is worth considering. Each… Read more »

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Winterising Your Pool: A Comprehensive Guide to Keep Your Pool in Top Shape

As the weather cools down, it’s important to prepare your pool for the winter months ahead. Winterising your pool will not only protect it from… Read more »

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6 simple weekly tasks to maintain your pool!

Uughhh… Just more tasks on top of the laundry, dinner, kids after school activities… Weekly pool maintenance is a hassle, we get it, but there… Read more »

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Alkalinity – 2 things to remember

Alkalinity… a hard word to type for some, a hard word to say over and over 5 times… and it makes life hard when there’s… Read more »

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Do You Know Your Pool Parts?

Knowing what makes your pool run can help you keep your pool maintained with less effort. Spotting small problems or issues in these pool parts… Read more »

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